Inspiring Water Features to Transform Your Yard


Water adds a soothing quality to any backyard, transforming it from an ordinary space into one that evokes peacefulness and relaxation. At Country Club Homes, we've seen many different water features, and the following are some of the best ones that we recommend placing in your own backyard: Traditional Pool via Houzz Rustic Rock Waterfalls We love … [Read more...]

Stacked Stone Character for Your Home Interior


Stacked stone is not just for exteriors. This natural and durable material can be used throughout the home to add a traditional, inviting character to your space. Here is a look at few ways we recommend using stacked stone throughout your interior construction: Stacked stone walls set a mood of relaxation and rustic comfort in a … [Read more...]

Build In Shelving Around Your Fireplace


At Country Club Homes, one of the ways we love helping clients create warmer, more family-friendly spaces is with fireplaces. A beautiful fireplace adds so much to a living room, and when it's framed with built-in shelves, it really becomes a balanced and functional element of your space. Stained wood shelving creates a natural, rustic appearance. We … [Read more...]

Incorporating the Barn Door Trend in Your Home Construction


Barn doors are not just for the outdoors anymore; the trend for using barn doors for interior spaces has been catching on around the nation.  They bring the convenience and space-saving benefits of sliding doors with a rustic character that's nigh-irresistible.  Here are a few ways to consider integrating barn doors into your home. A large set of … [Read more...]

The Perfect Home Office Requires Careful Planning


When you're in your home office, you need to be able to focus and stay on task. The right design can evoke feelings of dedication and resolve while also offering the privacy you need to work effectively. We recommend keeping these home planning tips in mind when designing your home office. They'll ensure that everything fits perfectly into your space, and … [Read more...]

Why You Should Consider Mezzanines for Your Custom Home


Wide, open spaces can make your home feel more luxurious, bright and airy. You don't need to necessarily add square footage to make your home feel more open, either. Just look up -- all of that vertical space can be honored and enjoyed by adding a mezzanine to your home design. Here's a look at several reasons to strongly consider this innovative housing … [Read more...]