Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Vacation With Resort Inspiration

Wouldn't it be nice to feel like you're on vacation without even having to leave your home? At Country Club Homes, we want to help you make that dream a reality. We'll help you use these home remodeling ideas to create a luxury bedroom that feels like a resort. High-end fabric helps give your room an upscale vibe. Choosing luxurious, plush pillows and … [Read more...]

Love Music? Include a Room Specifically Designed for Playing It


Whether you're a casual musician or a professional instrumentalist, you know that the right space can make creating music even more enjoyable. There's something about playing in a room with the perfect shape and acoustics that really speaks to the soul and allows you to identify with your music. If you're in the process of designing a home, or remodeling … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Tiny Home Trend by Adding an Impressive Guest House


Tiny houses, which pack all of the essentials for living into remarkably small spaces, are somewhat of a phenomenon in the architectural design world right now. By using the exceptional organization techniques and multi-functional layout ideas used in these tiny houses, you can create an impressive guesthouse in a lot less space than you'd expect. Here are … [Read more...]

House Materials Known for Their Durability


If you are taking the time and effort to have your home renovated, you want to make sure the results are long-lasting. At Country Club Homes, we emphasize using the most durable materials. Here is a look at four materials that we love using in our projects because they stay looking great for decades with minimal wear and tear. Stone Tile Traditional … [Read more...]

Inspiring Water Features to Transform Your Yard


Water adds a soothing quality to any backyard, transforming it from an ordinary space into one that evokes peacefulness and relaxation. At Country Club Homes, we've seen many different water features, and the following are some of the best ones that we recommend placing in your own backyard: Traditional Pool via Houzz Rustic Rock Waterfalls We love … [Read more...]

Stacked Stone Character for Your Home Interior


Stacked stone is not just for exteriors. This natural and durable material can be used throughout the home to add a traditional, inviting character to your space. Here is a look at few ways we recommend using stacked stone throughout your interior construction: Stacked stone walls set a mood of relaxation and rustic comfort in a … [Read more...]