When to Put Vaulted Ceilings in Your Home Design


Vaulted ceilings are a beautiful addition to a home. They help create an airy space that can make a home seem bigger than it actually is. If you're considering adding a vaulted ceiling to your home renovation project consider the many benefits including: Exposing Rafters A vaulted ceiling provides the opportunity to put your rafters on display! … [Read more...]

Meet Drywall’s New Contender: Foreverboard

Drywall has been a standard building construction material for years. It is installed easily and provides a consistent surface throughout homes on ceilings and walls. However, drywall may have met its match in Foreverboard, a innovative new building material. This new material is revolutionizing the commercial and residential building industry. It … [Read more...]

Round It Out: Using Curvilinear Architecture in Your Home Design


Take a quick look at your home's architecture. Do you see mostly box-like forms and strong, straight lines? Most homes in our country are dominated by straight line architecture even though rounded lines and curvilinear architecture provide visual interest and create interesting spaces. How can curvilinear architecture be used successfully in your … [Read more...]

Keeping a Consistent and Well-Constructed Roof Design in Your Home Addition


A home addition presents a range of challenges to designers and homeowners, such as: "How can we make the design cohesive while creating a beautiful home exterior?" or "How will the new roof line impact the home's overall design?" Understanding the issues surrounding the addition's roof is crucial to making sure the building project is a success. … [Read more...]

Planning More Sustainable Features in Your Home Design is a Smart Investment

contemporary-kitchen (1)

Some homeowners believe that investing in sustainable home features costs too much money, that the up front costs will outweigh any benefits. This couldn't be further from the truth. Yes, choosing sustainable features up front may cost more in the beginning but the return on your investment will last for years to come. Choosing sustainability saves you … [Read more...]

Incredible Screens to Let You Enjoy Privacy and Light From Your Windows


Creating privacy can be the antithesis of letting light in. How can you make your space private without blocking the light? Are there ways you can create privacy without limiting the view? Today's design landscape offers creative solutions that solve privacy concerns while still letting in the light. Our favorite creative screen designs … [Read more...]