The Psychological Reasons We Appreciate Symmetry


It's no secret that we're naturally drawn to a room designed with symmetry in mind. The balance speaks to us and makes the room feel harmonious. But did you know that there are deep psychological reasons our brains are drawn to symmetrical designs? We are drawn to symmetrical designs because they: Feel Natural: Symmetrical designs feel familiar … [Read more...]

When to Construct Your Home in Stages


Building a custom house requires careful planning. There are a variety of different ways to build a house and one of the most popular methods is phased construction. Phased construction is a process by which you strategically plan and schedule components of a project. Initially, a smaller project is constructed with plans for future additions as budgeting … [Read more...]

Unique Windows Bring Light and Garden Views For A Different Look At Your Property


Not every home has magnificent views, but every home can have magnificent windows. If your home could use more natural light, you may be in the market for a unique window installation. Some of our favorite ideas for unique windows include: Ribbon windows Long, narrow windows let a bit of light shine in and can provide visual interest in any room. … [Read more...]

Know the Maintenance Involved Before Signing Off on Butcher Block Counters

traditional-kitchen (1)

A butcher block countertop is an ideal surface for a traditional kitchen. The wood surface is durable and adds a rustic touch to your home decor. Before you install butcher block countertops it's helpful to be fully aware of their required maintenance. Keep your butcher block looking great by: Keeping it Clean: Keeping the butcher block clean is … [Read more...]

Why Radiant Heating is a Home Luxury You Shouldn’t Do Without


Many Connecticut homeowners have discovered the benefits of installing radiant heating systems in their homes. Radiant heating systems integrate a series of pipes or wires beneath the floor that create a warm, comfortable home environment. Imagine stepping out of bed on a cold Connecticut morning and being greeted by a subtle warmth emanating from the … [Read more...]

What Architecture Can Do for Mental Health for Urban Residents


Did you know that urban living can affect a resident's mental health? Even those that love big city life acknowledge that an urban existence can cause stress. The lack of outdoor spaces and the high density existence can cause strain on residents. Contemporary Living Room by Other Metro Media & Bloggers Adrienne DeRosa Architects, however, are … [Read more...]