When Stone Can Work in the Kitchen


At Country Club Homes, we have found that many homeowners shy away from using stone when making custom kitchen remodeling plans. They mention loving the look of stone, but they seem to think it will look to rustic or will be hard to clean. We're ready to bust these myths once and for all. Stone can work beautifully in a kitchen, as long as you keep a few … [Read more...]

Study Up: The Many Ways a House Can Be Smart


Home technology trends are always changing. Right now, many of our customers are focusing on making their homes more interactive and technology-driven. These so-called "smart houses" start with just a few simple gadgets. We suggest incorporating a few of your favorites to raise your home's IQ: Modern Home Electronics by Salt Lake City Home Media Design … [Read more...]

Beautiful Ways to Make Your Yard as Luxurious as Your Home Interiors


Your home is a well-decorated and luxurious getaway from the stresses of the world. Why should your backyard not be the same? Creating a beautiful home exterior gives you a lovely place to enjoy nature and beautiful weather with your friends and family -- think backyard barbecues, relaxing nights in the hot tub, and quiet mornings reading in your own … [Read more...]

Get Inspired by Unique Pools This Summer When Planning Your Custom Home

building the perfect pool in Wilton CT

Swimming pools don't have to be squares or rectangles. The most interesting ones not only offer a place to relax, but also serve as exciting decor elements that enhance the look of your entire yard. Keep these pool design ideas in mind as you plan your new dream home layout. A lounge area, immersed in the pool, can be an excellent place to relax. Outfit … [Read more...]

Trendy Home Features With Timeless Appeal

kitchen design ideas

When you're building a new home, you need to strike a balance between the trendiest features and ones that will still be appealing down the road. Thankfully, some features fall into both of these categories. Consider including the following timeless and trendy elements in your new home. Brick walls. Exposed brick in a kitchen, living room, den, or even … [Read more...]

The Art of Laying Hardwood Floors

hardwood floor design ideas

Hardwood floors look elegant and sophisticated in your home, but installing them requires careful attention to detail. At Country Club Homes, we recommend paying careful attention when choosing subfloor and hardwood flooring materials. Traditional Kitchen by Wilton Design-Build Firms Country Club Homes via … [Read more...]