Bring the Outside In to Your Kitchen for Perfect Entertaining in Warm Weather


The warm summer months are just around the corner and it is never too early to consider upgrading your kitchen space for endless entertaining opportunities. One of today's hottest kitchen trends is to connect your exterior space with your kitchen.  Our favorite design ideas include: Installing an indoor/outdoor counter space Extending your … [Read more...]

Choose Your Favorite Dormer Style


Dormers are structural elements of a home or building that extend outward from the roof. There are a variety of different dormer styles used in traditional home design, the most popular styles include: Gable A gable is the most traditional type of dormer and serves multiple purposes including keeping water away from the window and adding vertical … [Read more...]

New England Home Style of the Month: Post-Medieval English


Post-medieval English homes were found throughout England and colonial America in the late 1600's and early 1700's. This is a style born in England and brought to the colonies by Puritans who settled in the Northeast. Although this isn't a common modern style you can incorporate elements into your home's design, such as: Window details This style of … [Read more...]

Beautiful Ways to Embrace the Wrap-Around Porch


A wrap around porch is stately, majestic, and the perfect location for friends and family to gather. If you're hoping to add a wrap around porch to your custom home in Fairfield County we encourage you to: Consider your view Adding a wrap around porch to your home is an excellent way to maximize your home's view. This is especially true if the view can … [Read more...]

Layout Suggestions for a New Bathroom


One of the most important components of bathroom design is the layout. Understanding dimensions, traffic patterns, and the strategic placement of the sinks, toilet, shower, and bath tub will help you create a bathroom that is well designed and meets your specific needs. Our favorite layout ideas for a bathroom remodel include: A corner sink A corner … [Read more...]

Please Your Brain With Luxurious Home Design


Think of the most luxurious home interiors you've ever seen. What stood out most to you? What caught your eye? Luxurious home design starts with the smallest of details and builds to create spaces that feel unique and memorable. Our favorite parts of luxurious home design include: An expansive kitchen Luxury in the kitchen is defined by large, open … [Read more...]